Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Agejo Style

Recently I wrote a post about wanting to try the Agejo style, as I always love this style when I see people wearing it and finally decided to want to try it on myself ^^ I found however that when people asked me about it who are not that into gal, but do read my blog occasionally, I did not know much about it.. > < Luckily we have the internet! 

We'll start of with: 

"What is Agejo?"

When looking for the answer to this question I found the following on Universal-Doll: 'When saying you’re an Agejo or you want to be one. Either implies a) you’d like to be in Ageha magazine b) you want to dress in the style c) you want to be a hostess.' So I guess we will go for the dressing in the style option -.^
It goes on explaining that the girls wearing this style originally often were hostesses, models, shop staff, dancers and occasionally college students. The can be recognized from their brown, mori hair, large sunglasses, shiny nails, big dolly eyes, black x pink clothes, short dresses, lingerie aspects (stockings, corset lacings) and brand-name bags and jewelry.

"How do you dress Agejo?" Agejo

For this I found a very interesting list on Eternise-Moi of 30 things every Agejo gal should have. I picked a few of the most style related ones:
  1. A casual agejo outfit for lazier days.
  2. At least one MA*RS coord. MA*RS is the agejo gyaru brand after all. 
  3. Ageha magazine for inspo.
  4. Suspenders (tights) as you can see in the pic on the right.
  5. Over-knee socks or thigh-highs to make your legs look longer.
  6. Glamorous false nails.
  7. A classy black handbag (I really need this).
  8. Cute heels for summer.
  9. Sexy high-heeled boots for autumn (preferable round-toed).
  10. A faux fur scarf for a super glamourous feel.
  11. Gorgeous accessories to top of any coord.
  12. Cute and sexy patterned tights.
  13. A beautiful coat to complete and compliment the look.
  14. A soft cuddly hoodie preferable with ears <3
These points make quite a list! Fortunately I can already cross a few off -.^

"Which brands are typically Agejo?"

甘くてかわいい女の子 \

As said before MA*RS is the go to brand for this style (the picture on the left), but other brands are Golds Infinity (the picture on the right), Lip Service, Jesus Diamante and Black Queen.

I also found some shops for replicas on taobao (or I assume they are): Princess Doll, Yuerfly and Princess Rose. These shops all got good reviews and were mentioned in multiple sources to be trustworthy (you can never be sure with replicas)!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I sure did! Another special thanks to Ethernise-Moi and Universal-Doll, as I used these blogs as the main resources for this post ^^ 

Much Love!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

6 min gyaru make-up challenge

Have you all heard of the 6 minutes gyaru make-up challenge Holly started? If not the video is down below:

After seeing this video I thought, I could totally do this! Well... 6 minutes is really short and Holly makes it seem much easier than it is >.< Just to see how short 6 minutes is exactly I did a trial run before taping it. As you can see the trial did not go great.

I had no mascara, only one bottom lash, sloppy eye shadow and lipstick and the glue was still drying! Oh and probably almost a heart attack as halfway through the 6 minutes I found out I lost my blush brush xD This challenge is not very good for your nerves. Anyway I tried again on film:

Please, don't mind my English! I always hate hearing myself speak it -.^ So I failed, obviously xD I was so nervous everything just went wrong! This was the final result:

So very sloppy!! Do you think you could do this challenge? For me it as very hard, but I do think it's a good skill to practice. (As I tend to oversleep often^^)

Much love!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Animecon (picture heavy)

Last weekend was Animecon again! Though I am not a hardcore anime fan, I love this event as a lot of people I know come there and there is a yearly fashion show \(^o^)/ This year I only went on sunday, because I was too busy and afterwards I am quite glad because I don't feel as much of a wreck as I would have been otherwise -.^ I went together with Kuro and Zoe and her boyfriend and we had a lot of fun! Some impressions of the event:

As you may have noticed we spent quite some time in the dealer room >.< But who'd blame us with all these amazing things? I even found a stand that sold mags! So Kuro and I both bought a Kera <3

At these events time always just seems to fly by, so before we knew it it was already time for the gyaru fashion show organised by Hyper. It was the first time they had an all gyaru fashion show at Animecon (as far as I know) and I loved it \(^o^)/

( I was so in love with Zoe's outfit <3 it looked so perfect!)

Didn't everyone look amazing? The gals from Hyper really chose a very varied group. It was so nice to see all these different styles ^^ They told me they were trying to get gyaru more well known in the Netherlands and had given a lecture and workshop during the weekend to spread the gal love! I think it worked at least a bit, as a lot of people came up to me to ask what style of gyaru I was and to say that they thought gals always look so cool <3 The idea of more people getting into gal just makes me so happy! (The Netherlands could use some more fashionable people)

After the show we went to get a drink and something to eat. I had this amazing Macha Latte and a black sesame mochi. It was so nice they ad this kind of food this year, as last time there were only fries xD

Zoe and her boyfriend looking back movies of the show xD:

After that we went back to the dealer room to look around a bit more.

These dolls are soooo cool! I am going to put them on my birthday list..

As the con day was drawing to a close we felt we had spent enough time shopping and went to watch the closing ceremony, where as a surprise Back On came on stage O.O !!

They were so cool and they gave the lucky winner of the karaoke contest a free trip to Japan O.O I would love to have won that one -.^

Anyway before going home we of course had to make some selfies.. A lot of selfies! And we had our pics taken by a professional studio ! I don't have these pictures yet, but they will be coming soon. (also outfit pictures <3 )

Oh and on the way back I indulged myself with some Pocky (don't tell my bf because I am supposed to always share them with him! -.^)

It was a great day! It's always fun just hanging out with some friends and chilling with good food. Plus at an Animecon there are so many great opportunities to watch people ^^ Next event to look forward to will be the Hyper summer meet! Hope you liked my post!

Much Love!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

5 coords with one item

Shopping is fun, but when you reach the pint that your closet seems full and you still feel like you never have anything to wear, it is time to try something new! So following the example of Lizzy, in order to spark my creativity I am going to try and find 5 different outfits for a D.I.A. top I have owned for a little while now, though I have never really worn it yet. I will leave out accessories as I do not really have that much that fit this top yet >.<

As I said, I somehow find this top really hard to combine with things I have in my closet, so bear with me. Not all combinations will be perfect xD

Combi 1: It's all gold that shines

I had to make my version of a typical DIA coord with this top so instead of leg warmers some knee-highs and of course my beloved moon belt o^^o

Combi 2:Not so little princess

Though this top is not very cute (nor the skirt for that matter) I wanted to make a very girly coord with it. Plus this is super comfy with the flats and soft skirt. I would wear this for a more casual day ^^

Combi 3: Biker chick

The skull with wings just screams biker to me, as in Hells Angels -.^ This coord is my take on a biker look without the scruffiness that usually comes along with it!

Combi 4: Little Black Dress

When wearing something elegant and simple, I always feel I need to add a subtle extra!

Combi 5: Spider, spider in your web

Something a bit more punk-like. I love spiders and their webs and the back of the top, which is netting, keeps reminding me of webbing.

I have to admit finding these combinations was quite hard on me. Not just because I had a long day before doing this, but also because somehow my closet does not some to lend itsself for a lot of different combinations... but overall I am really happy with this outcome ^^ I am even going to wear one to animecon! Which outfit do you like best? Do you have any suggestions for other ways of pairing this top?

Much Love!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

CL review: Magic Eye Chocolate

I finally have new lower lashes! My old ones were really not good anymore to wear, but the replacements just did not arrive @.@ Can you see how happy I am?

Time for a small CL review. The Magic Eye Chocolate lenses of $13.00 by Klenspop :

Some information about the lenses:

Graphic diameter: 13.7 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

This is what the lenses look like on my light blue/gray eyes:

Colour & Design: 3/5
The brown colour of these lenses is very pretty. However they might be more suited for dark eyes. As you can see in the picture of the lenses in their case, they are open in the middle, so they leave your own eye colour to shine through. 

Enlargement: 2/5
These lenses made my eyes look very mysterious and slightly bigger, giving them a very natural effect.

Comfort: 1/5
From the moment I put them in they really hurt my yes T^T I really do not know why, it could be because I had already been wearing other lenses the whole day and my eyes might have been irritated.

- Very natural, so great for everyday wear
- Never get in your sight while wearing
- Adds just a little extra

- Do not give extra pop to your eyes in terms of colour
- Not very much enlarging
- Somehow kept hurting my eyes

Hope you liked my review!

Much love!

Monday, June 8, 2015

New season, new love~

The end of the university year is finally drawing near and I have piles of homework to do, but it will be all worth it because in just three more weeks it's finally summer break!! \(^o^)/ With so much to do I can't help but stall and then stall some more, as I am sure some people might recognise -.^My ultimate stalling activity is Pinterest. Recently I have been looking at something new and I have totally fallen for it!


lovely gyaru


Agejo Gyaru on the streets of Tokyo


agejo gyaru accessory inspiration



I know it's totally different from what I usually like (especially after the last punk inspiration post -.^), but it just speaks to my girly side! The sex appeal and prints... It's just so beautiful <3 I am seriously thinking of trying this. Do you think it would suit me? Of course I will keep wearing rokku, but with summer around the corner I am not really in the mood for the really dark somehow! Anyway, must get shopping again xD 

Much Love!