Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Gyaru for Beginners

Sooo remember how I told you before about Taylor Indiana's series called Gyaru for Beginners? In this series she explains about the absolute basic things every new gal should know in a very nice and understandable way. It is really helpful, as she is planning on touching on practically things from contouring to how to make the perfect coord. Before she has already posted about choosing the right kind of circle lensesChoosing and applying lashes and now she is writing a subseries about eyemake, as it is the most complex part of a gal's make.

After having waited a long time it has finally really started and she posted about the tools you need (also for smaller budgets ^^) and eyeshapes, the article you can find here. It is very interesting in  my opinion. I never knew there were so many different eyeshapes O.o

I think I have the 'almond eyes', how about you guys? The whole make changes with your eyeshape, so next she will be explaining how to do the basic eyemake shapes. I can't wait!


Much Love!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gyaru Closet

I have been super busy these last weeks, sorry!! My internship now started for real, bf came back from his vacation, all the uni stuff has started as well and I joined a new fraternity .. I love this kind of busy!

I have not really had time for anything gal related though, which is too bad T^T. Buuut I thought of something you might find interesting: my Gyaru wardrobe! As I have been getting more and more into gal recently, I have been building me a gal wardrobe for about 5 months now I guess? Anyway, I am really proud and happy about the pieces I collected to far.

Take a look <3:

(Left to right: DreamV, H&M)

(Left to right: Glavil, H&M, Primark)

(Left to right: DIA, Primark, H&M)

(All Glavil, these are my favorites <3 )

(DIA moonbelt, I love this so much! My bf is still going to make it just a bit wider for me, since it turned out to be a bit small O.o)

As you can see, it is not that much -.- what can I, say students are poor.. 

I do feel really bad for having neglected my blog this much lately. I promise improvement ! Expect a new post within this week .

Much Love!