Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New favourite dress & cutest gadget!

Remember the previous post I wrote about my wishlist? (If not you can find it here) In that list was a pink and black dress by my favourite brand Glavil. After publishing that post a girl contacted me about wanting to sell it \(^o^)/ So last week it arrived and I am in LOVE. It's just so pretty and perfect <3

Plus there are so many different outfits I can think of with it.. So I decided to make an outfit post again to show it off ^^

Isn't it just too pretty?! Expect to see it more often -.^

Another really cool new thing I got recently, that I had been looking at for a looong time is a Instax mini 8 instant camera! 

They were currently on sale at a local shop and when my bf told me about them I needed to get it for my plastic camera collection <3 I really love taking analogue pictures, so I already have two lomography cameras and I used to have a real old timer, but it died T^T Unfortunately the film was out, but as soon as they restock it I am getting it and can play around with this awesome new toy \(^o^)/

Much Love!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

OshareCon \(^o^)/ *Picture heavy*

Last weekend it was finally time for... OshareCon ! This was the first Dutch convention centred around Jfashion and I was soooo excited for it! In the morning I met with Jojo, Rosaline and Sharon at The Hague so we could travel together, which was really nice as getting to the convention by public transport was not that easy! We managed though, even if we were a bit late ^^

Upon arrival we were greeted with one of the most delicious drink ever ^^:

Doesn't it look amazing>? I have to admit I had never tried Calpis before, but from now on it is going to be a standard <3

The shops in the dealer room were so super cute! Off course  could not resist the urge to look around, even though my baag was super full with all the clothes for the fashion show :3 I have some pictures of the stalls:

Princess apparel off course <3 I bought some of their buttons and the cutest rose ring

So much delicious candy O.O 

At the event some photographers were walking around to snap our pics. This one with Sharon is the only one I have of myself in my clothes before the show:

Even some of the German gals came! I really loved seeing them again, they are all so sweet and cute <3 Here is a picture of me and Lily chan:

There were soooo many activities! I must admit I missed most of them, because I was too busy talking to people x'D but I did participate in the nail decoworkshop together with Zoe and Sharon! We did not have time to finish our nails though unfortunately, but I will show them as soon as I finish them. During the workshop a tv crew came to stalk Zoe so she could not even participate anymore :( super annoying:

I am curious though what they will air of it. They filmed and interviewed more of us later on for a special or something ^^

There was also a parapara workshop, which I mostly missed but I did participate in the end which as so fun :D Here is a movie of it. The reason I missed most of the workshop was because we were preparing for the gyaru fashion show <3 Some behind the scenes sneak peeks:

And the show itsself! we had so much fun, eventhough everybody was super nervous beforehand -.^

I am in love with Elise's outfit! the shoes, socks, belt, horns.. It's just to die for! <3

I can't find all the pictures unfortunately but I really love these ^.^ After the show it was time for a concert. I had never heard of the band before, but they were super cool! It was Adams, as I have heard they are known for their gay friendly performances:

And off course more selfies -.^ :

With our new Gyarusa ReGal! You can expect to hear more about this soon -.^ These are some previews:

And with the photobooth props xD

Big group picture with all the gals:

Afterwards we were all sooo tired! But we made a last gangstah gal picture in the bus on the way back:

Uhum excuse me for the overload of pictures, but I hope you like them as much as I do xD I really want to thank Rox and Charlot for organising this event! It was so great and I hope it will happen again next year \(^o^)/ 

Much Love!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Inspiration: Models

Time for another inspiration post! I want to try to make this a monthly or maybe biweekly thing. I am always on the hunt for inspiration for coords, make and hair for my own outfits and just for fun ^^ So I figured why not regularly share my findings? I will try to give them different themes. This time it will be about some Rokku models, who I think are inspiring.



The first time I saw Re:No was in Kera magazine, were she modelled next to another really cool model, Akira. Re:No always has the coolest outfits and I LOVE her make-up and hair, it's always so on point O.O Enough talking, more pictures!!






For me personally Akira's style is a bit too boyish. However I think she is so great at combining items and her use of accessories is just perfect <3 Plus she is super versatile in her style, so I think she is a really cool inspiration!






Sakurina is probably one of the most famous models. She is super cute and always has the perfect nails. Sakurina is great at somehow looking cute and really badass at the same time. She models for Ghost of Harlem a lot, which happens to be one of my favorite brands -.^




A short post for today, but I have to get back to unpacking boxes \(^o^)/ 

Much Love!