Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tokyo: International gyaru winter meet

On the 3rd of January Katie Carter had planned a meet for all the international gals to get to meet the Tokyo gals \(^o^)/  I was so excited, as we all got to show off our new clothes from the sales and off course it's always fun to meet new people! We first met up at the Hachiko statue in front of the Shibuya station:

I sadly wasn't in this group pic, as I was standing a bit to the side talking to someone and we totally didn't notice xD We went off to take purikura first! I had never done this before, so I didn't understand the machines at all at first, but luckily Lenie, who is another Dutch gal helped me <3 So here are my puri's!

With Lenie:

It was so cool to see Lenie like this in Tokyo! I really liked meeting her here, she is so nice ^^ I had decided to wear the black dress with leather strapps from the Glavil luckybag <3

With Kali:

I had to take puri with her, she looked so cool! I was quite envious of her boots and hair <3

With my bf:

It took a lot of effort to get my boyfriend to take purikura with me, but in the end we both really like the pictures! I think they illustrate very well how we are together xD

Afterwards we went to eat Italian, as everybody was super hungry and you can't go shopping on an empty stomach! So when everybody had their fill we went up to Shibuya 109 <3 inside we all split up a bit to get the nicest goodies and not block all other shoppers with our big group -.^

I found the cutest nails <3 :

When everybody was kind of done shopping we off course needed a group picture, which is quite hard with a group this big, but we managed.

Now it was time for karaoke! Another first for me ( in Japan that is) and I had been so super excited for this!! A little secret: I love singing, eventhough I am not very good at it :3 The karaoke place we went to was really nice, with yummy cocktails and comfy couches and loads of great songs xD I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately no pics as it was really dark..

This meet was so much fun! I am already looking forward to next weekend, when I'll be going to the internationel gyaru lovers winter meet-up in Germany. I hope it will be just as cool!

Much Love!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tokyo: Fukubukuro

This afternoon I arrived back home from Tokyo.. I was so sad to leave! But since I'm sure i'll go back one day. I managed to get on the plane ^^ So now I am already back after two and a half weeks of crazy, amazing, super fun Tokyo and I am so far behind in my blogging, I feel somewhat ashamed about it honestly xD

Anyways to kind of get back on track a bit faster, I decided to do kind of only the highlights (for me at least) instead of the earlier day to day blogging. Also I'll keep it more focused on the Gal related things, which I thought you might like -.^

So without further stalling, I will show you my two new year's fukubukuro as promised!

Glavil by tutuHa lucky bag


I never expected all this to come out of the little backpack! O.o


Aren't these the cutest? I love the horns -.^


This hoodie just fell off the picture :$ It's one of my favorite pieces of the bag!

I loved most of these things so much! Especially the leggings, dress with leather straps and the polkadot devil hoodie^^ Glavil definitely is my favorite brand <3 I will be selling some of the pieces though, as I did not like them very much on me. So if your interested in the checked top, the white top with the lace mini sleeves or the devil jumpsuit just comment or send me a message!

Ghost of Harlem


Detail of the cross dress on the left, It's so pretty ^^


The tie dye legging have all these glitters on them! At first I wasn't so sure about this, but they look so cool in the sun <3


Detail of the white top. I really like this, but it just looks so weird on me T^T

I was doubting between this one and the Gladnews bag, but to be honest I am so glad I took this one! I am in love with some of these pieces ( the kind of tie dye leggings <3 ) Also I just realised a hoodie I liked a lot as well, is not in the picture as it's in the laundry.. Oops! xD Again there were some things I liked, so if you are interested in the black long sleeve, white top or the sweater with the grey sleeves again just comment or send me a message! 


Weren't the bags great? I loved the big sales! It was super busy and I was standing in line for 109 from about 7 o'clock, but it was definitely worth it! All these great items for so cheap O.o Btw I actually bought a third lucky bag, but only on one of our last days so you'll have to still wait a bit for that one :P

I hope you liked the bags as much as I did!
Much Love!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tokyo Day 2 and 3: New Year!

Jeej! Finally we have our wifi back working properly :D It had been off for five days and my bf and I were starting to get really annoyed, as we couldn't look for train times, directions to places or talk to our friends and family at home :( Accept for at Starbucks, where I went a lot to make up for the lack of wifi at home, hehe ^^

So on to my Tokyo days! The first real day we spend here, we went to check out Shibuya. The first thing we saw of course was the famous Hachiko! I have loved this dog ever since I saw a movie about his story, I still cry when I see it xD

We spend all day walking around, checking out the neighborhood and watching people. Of course I had to go to Shibuyaa 109 as well. I love it! There are so many great stores full of clothes, accessories, make up, shoes.. <3 They have everything a girl could ever want! I especially loved the Glavil by Tutuha store, and even though I was planning on buying the lucky bag, I had to try some of the things on and ended up taking some of them with me.

Doesn't 109 look cool in the evening?

The next day was the day before new years, and we were so excited to celebrate it here, as I heard great stories about it! During the day we decided to see Harajuku, to see the famous Harajuku style and take a peek at the Meiji Jingu temple were we wanted to participate in the ritual of the first prayer of the year before it would e crawling with people.

In the street just next to the station there were lots of market stands with the most delicious smellng foods, I especially liked these bananas:

We went in the famous La Foret, where I knew a Ghost of Harlem shop was. The clothes were so great! I took some pictures of the store, before they told me I couldn't.. Oops! But they said I could use the ones I had already taken :) I bought a coat I had wanted ever since I saw a picture of Sakurina wearing it <3

The park and temples were so beautiful! I made loads of pictures, but don't worry I won't post all!

These barrels of wine and sake were gifted to the emperor by wine and sake makers all around the world. There were so many! I wanted to try them all xD

My bf taking pictures with his 'real' camera, he is much better at it than me (which is not hard) :P

Me in front of one of the arches in the park :) The wind was blowing so hard, it took some tries to get a shot in which my hair was not in my face!

In the evening the place was crawling with people as expected. But even if we had been in line for over two hours before getting to the temple, I loved it! All these people around us wishing us happy new year and how cheerful everybody was.. It was great :D

The picture below shows two guys we met after the prayer. They did not really speak English but they tried teaching us some Japanese and we taught them a few words Dutch ^^

I don't remember what these were called, but they were delicious <3

I hope your new years were as good as mine? Next post I'll be revealing my fukubukuros! I got two ;) Much Love!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tokyo ! : Arrival

I'm writing right now from my warm comfortable futon in my cozy Tokyo room. To be honest I haven't been able to do much yet, since we only arrived here yesterday evening (our time off course ;) ) and I have been struggling with the time difference a bit. I guess that's what they call a jet lag ^^.

We flew from Amsterdam to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Tokyo with Turkish Airlines, which I would really recommend as the flight staff was really nice, the food was great and they gave us so much of it O.O I loved it! <3


For dinner my bf made his delicious home made miso soup, I have actually not yet found one I like as much ^^