Sunday, November 15, 2015

Little Japan themed date

Today my bf and I are on a Japan themed date \(^o^)/ In our busy life we rarely really spent quality time together, despite living together! You know that feeling of always being just a bit too tired and having to finish that last homework assignment before going to bad right? Well today we decided to just forget about all that and head out together ^^ I love getting dolled up for my bf. Some gals tell stories about how their partners don't like their gal make or clothes and would rather see them as natural as possible.. I think that is such a shame! Although my bf too likes me best with as little make-up (and clothes xD) as possible, but he also really likes the gyaru me, for which I am very glad and thankful <3 Anyways here are my make and comfy outfit for the day:

We decided to go to The Hague as there is not really anything Japan themed in our city. Except for really expensive sushi places, but what student has the money for that right? xD We headed for our regular spot, the SET café and sat to my delight in the Hello Kitty section, which is so super cute! Seriously if you can you should visit it \(^o^)/ Plus they have the best food:

Not sure if I was allowed to take pics of the menu, but well ^^ 
I even found this cute book with everything about Kitty White after whom the café is named. Including her profile (sorry for being unable to take good pictures in low lighting -.-)

I had the best drink in the world: Matcha with cream :3 Made by a sweet girl named Jennifer, who said she reads my blog. It sounds weird, but I never realised people actually read my blog @.@ It was so nice to meet her, she was super nice and I can't wait to see her again at a meeting!

As the weather was super bad today with lots of rain and wind we stayed inside the café for quite some time just talking, which was nice ^^ Afterwards we went shopping at the Oriental market for ingredients for home made sushi! Since my bf doesn't eat fish, we made it vegan. I normally always miss the fish and especially the salmon, but this time I didn't and it was just really good <3

Jup, whenever we go on dates we usually just eat and drink a lot. It's a good thing we both love food otherwise I would feel like such a glutton xD Anyways I have to go back as the date is not yet over. We still have to watch the anime Paprika -.^ I hope you all had a nice weekend too!

Much Love!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Heavenly nails

Lately I have really enjoyed making nails! ^^ It feels as a kind of stress reducing activity plus it is an extra outlet for creativity, which I kind of miss in everyday life with all the hectic stuff going on. So today I decided to make a post about the nails I made this weekend: my moon and stars nails <3

These images are the inspiration for it:


I love the combination of black/gold especially with kind of a sky theme. So I decided to try and make some myself. Lately I have been stocking up on nail polish and nail decoration. This time I tried a new gold polish (which I thought was a bas coat, but it turned out to be a top coat xD).

After putting on the polishes and playing around with the base coat that turned out to be a top coat, this was the result:

As you can see I am still practising on making the transitions between the two colours smoother. They do get a lot better very fast! Next up were the decorations. You can never have enough deco -.^ My collection keeps growing, my decoration box really feels like my little treasure box. I never know what I will use before I do, so I love to just play around with it before gluing stuff on my nails \(^o^)/

After putting the deco on these were my nails with the moon and stars theme! Or at least one hand of them:

As I am never satisfied I let them just lie there for a day and only then finished them.

I really love them! Plus I already have the perfect outfit in mind to fit with them ^^ I can't wait to wear them to my society's christmas dinner soon. And I can't wait to start on a new set again! Lately I want to make them faster than I can wear them xD

I hope you liked my post. Leave me a comment!

Much Love!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Winter haul

Happy halloween everyone! I hope you are still alive after the past night of horrors? -.^ I saw so many amazing costumes last week and this weekend!! I had the worst timing to get ill on halloween *^* Maybe I will still use my outfit for another party later this week as it is still halloween themed..

Anyway this post will be about something very different: my extreme shopping addiction >.< I should be saving up to go to Tokyo this December, which I am still trying as well btw, but I am still shopping way too much. So here's my recent haul (can't wait for it all to come in) :




Yes, I really needed some new shoes. Every time I was trying to select an outfit, I had trouble selecting fitting shoes.. But soon not any more!

【MA*RS】[ゼブラ柄×薔薇柄]キャミソール[ラメ]ロゴデザイン  < ブランドの

I have been in love for this set for quite a while and finally found it on mbok about a month ago <3 It should come in any moment now!

(gyaru sales)

This set was also One I had been looking for for quite a while ^^ I love hoe it still looks kind of serious and super girly at the same time, perfect for uni!

(gyaru sales)

(gyaru sales)

Aren't these super cute! Recently I have been kind of addicted to pearls. I love how they can make just about any outfit look glamorous and nice -.^

It's actually kind of confronting to see what I bought in just two months O.O At least all the clothes are second hand! I made a promise to myself to from now on not buy any more stuff until Tokyo.. Haha I should be okay with only 1,5 months left \(^o^)/

Hope you all had a great halloween!

Much Love!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

CL review: Cara Green

My first lense were green ones, which I really loved ^^ Afterwards I never wore green lenses anymore though. I felt I should try them again. So here's my review on the Cara Green lenses of  KlensPop on my light grey/blue eyes. I love the design of these lenses!

Some info about the lenses:

Graphic diameter: 13.5 mm
Water content 38%
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Type: 6 months disposable

I tried them in different light conditions; sunlight, artificial light and indoors light. As I said I have very light grey/blue eyes:

As you can see they blend quite well with my own natural colour, but the black ring gives a nice extra touch to make my eyes pop more ^^

Colour & Design: 4/5

I really like green lenses in general and I like how these make my eyes pop more and still feel very wearable! I would however like them bigger and a bit brighter.

Enlargement: 4/5

They look really good on my eyes and make them stand out more, especially with the black rim, but as said I would like them bigger -.^

Comfort: 5/5

Perfect, I did not feel a thing while wearing them! (I even forgot until I saw some women staring at me xD)

I would definitely recommend these lenses as very nice green lenses that are not overly dramatic! Lately I have been more in the mood for more dramatic lenses though for some reason.. It might be the halloween vibe, because I am super excited for halloween especially now it's already so close \(^o^)/

Much Love!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My birthday meet-up

When you have your birthday in summer as I do, there is almost never time to celebrate it at that moment. So every year I either celebrate my bday much earlier or later than the actual date (I once even celebrated it in january O.O). This year I celebrated my belated bday first with my gal friends and afterwards with my college friends. This was my look for that day:

(I tried a new make-up style, but I think it may be too light for me.. I need more black -.^)

During the day we went to this really cute cupcake bakery in the center of Delft:

This place was just so perfect! I had only been here once before and had only sat outside, so I was very surprised about the super cute inside. We stayed the whole afternoon just talking and having fun! We made some plans for our time visiting Tokyo and ever since I have been so excited \(^o^)/

Afterwards we went to my home for dinner. Yes, it is always about food with us..<3 None of them had ever seen my place, so I really liked showing it to them! Since we are always late making selfies we only took pictures then when it was dark xD The derp one actually turned out the best:

 Unfortunately everyone had to leave quite early, but I really loved celebrating my birthday this way! I can't see these girls enough ^^ Plus I got some really nice presents:

Everything a girl could need and I love every single one of them! As you can see a lot of jewelry and nail stuff, and alcohol of course. I think these presents say a lot about me -.^ I am already making new nails for halloween with them. I hope you enjoyed reading my post? Leave me a comment ^^

Much Love!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Winter favourites 2015

As it seems to be getting colder and colder lately (I am even under a blanket right now even though it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon O.O), I have started looking at the winter/autumn collections of some of my favourite brands to see what this year will bring in terms of gyaru winter fashion! I am not sure whether I have told this already or not, but I will be going to Tokyo in December during christmas and new year \(^o^)/ I will be there together with my gyarusa buddies Amber, Jojo and Isabelle and am so looking forward to it! Knowing what to look for when we are there, is another motivation for me making this post -.^

So let's get started with coats:


Ghost of Harlem & Datura


As you can see I am looking for something fluffy -.^ Lately I have especially been looking at white coats like the MA*RS and Datura ones, but the rokku-lover in me cannot resist the Ghost of Herlem leopard coat <3 


ハートウエストスピンドルワンピース(ブラック)  ウエストスピンドルチュールワンピース(ブラック)

Both from Glad News

Ghost of Harlem


Both from MA*RS

No matter the season, I love my dresses! It's just so convenient and instantly feminine <3 In my opinion the two Glad News dresses are the absolute crown jewels of their current collection, both are so perfect. I love the open midriff, though I am not sure why xD Ghost of Harlem was to be honest a bit of a disappointment to me after last summer's amazing collection, but this dress definitely isn't. Last but not least: MA*RS. Their dresses and prints are just to die for and these two are some must haves for me this season *^* Let's hope their not sold out when we get there yet!


Ghost of Harlem

GLAD NEWS(グラッドニュース)|ガーターメッシュスカート(ブラック)  クロスサスペンダー付きスカート(ブラック)

Both from Glad News

Again so much love for Glad News! They have a whole bunch of super cool skirts this season. These with leather harnesses around them were my absolute favourites, especially the more detailed one on the right <3 The Ghost of Harlem skirt is so great as well, super lacy and I love the zipper detail!



All from MA*RS

MA*RS never goes wrong in their prints. I really like this jewel theme they have this season. It seems more mature than the normal flowers and hearts (though there's nothing wrong with those either-.^). I feel I could where these sets even to college ^^


BIGクロスネックレス(GLAVIL by tutuHA(グラビル))  クロスチョーカー(GLAVIL by tutuHA(グラビル))

Both from Glavil by Tutuha


Both from MA*RS

You can never have enough accessories and this season there are a lot of great accessories (all the GoH bracelets for example), but these are my favourites. I have wanted the smaller pink cross necklace of Glavil for forever now <3 The two MA*RS belts are both to die for and I have so many coords already in mind with these two *^*



Both from MA*RS


Both from Rady

Yes, more jewels! I have been looking for pink shoes similar to the Rady ones, but (of course) could not find them in stores here. Fortunately Raady thinks with me on this issue ^^ OMG I am in love with the MA*RS leather knee highs!! They really surprised me with these, as they seem a bit more edgy than the rest of the collection <3

As you may have noticed gyaru is still going through a lot of changes, but I was happy to see that a lot of brands are still coming up with amazing pieces! Some brands really surprised me and I really like the collections of Glad News and MA*RS this year \(^o^)/ Same goes for Rady and Datura, even though those brands are a bit too expensive for me.. Glavil and Ghost of Harlem seemed a bit disappointing to me though. Especially Glavil had a lot of the same things as last year and not really exciting new pieces. Anyway, let's hope that will still change soon!

Much Love!