Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life update & make-up inspiration

These past weeks I was super busy with organising the introduction week for new students and spending a week of vacation on Mallorca \(^o^)/ So lots of parties and fun but no time for blogging, which I'm sorry about T^T But now that I am back and the new college year is starting I will have some more time again for gal (plus there are lots of meetings and other events planned), so I have been looking at new styles of make-up for inspiration!

For my Agejo looks:

This one is probably best suited for the late summer days ^^

For my darker winter looks:

As you can see Xin is a big inspo for my for dark make-up looks, he's so super skilled O.O

These pictures make me really excited for the new study year! A lot of new experiences and adventures ahead <3 I hope you all feel the same. What are your favourite make-up styles?

Much Love!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sharon's Bday

Last week we celebrated Sharon's bday! She turned 21 /(^ o^)/ We were supposed to meet up with a small group of friends at her place. My look for that day was completely off-brand Agejo and quite casual. It felt very nice to not wear brand for a change ^^

For my make I wore my new super vibrant purple Madonna Violet CLs (read the review here) to complement the all black outfit. I am so happy with these lenses! Sorry you can't see the colour to well in this picture because of the filter.

We met together at Sharon's home for a sleep-over ^^ Her aunt had made her this AMAZING cake! It was so beautiful, she must be very talented. If she were my aunt she would be my favourite xD

We talked away the afternoon until we realised it was almost dark out! We are always soooo late with taking selfies so we had to just get to it -.^ 


I was looking for a picture of all of us together, but I couldn't find any except for this one while Sharon and I were doing the dishes *^*:

Everybody looked so pretty! Most selfies are still on other people's phones xD But if you follow my Instagram account (username: annouschkoakuma), you will see them show up soon! 

Afterwards we decided to play a drinking game Sharon had. As a kid I was so scared of this game, I always thought the croco would bite my hand off if I would touch the wrong tooth xD And to be honest I was still scared of that..

When Sharon had to drink about half of the shots we decided to stop before she would get to drunk! We watched this super crazy movie I would definitely recommend when you're not half-drunk and tired xD It is called 'Strange Circus'. I am seriously still confused @.@ 

The next morning we were all tired so we stayed at Sharon's until well in the afternoon. I really love these small get-togethers with people who don't care if you like some less standard things like gyaru! It makes me wish I had more gal friends in everyday life ^^

Much Love!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

CL review: Madonna Violet

Purple lenses have been something I have wanted for quite sometime. When I found these Madonna Violet lenses for $13 at KlensPop I was sold! I love the design of these lenses and they seemed bright enough to show purple on my light eyes. So here is my review:

Some info about the lenses:

Graphic diameter: 13.5 mm
Water content 38%
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Type: 6 months disposable

I tried them in different light conditions; sunlight, artificial light and indoors light. As I said I have very light grey/blue eyes:

What is strange is that the design of the lenses almost disappears on my eyes! I do love how radiant and bright purple they are ^^


Colour & Design: 5/5

As I said I LOVE the design and colour of these lenses! I had a purple pair before, but because of my blue eyes the purple was really faded, these are the opposite. They really pop <3

Enlargement: 4/5

I like the size of these lenses and the colour makes my eyes stand out even more. The only thing is that the black ring, that you can see in the pictures where the lenses are still in their case, does not really show up on my eyes.

Comfort: 4/5

I have worn these lenses the whole day and to a party afterwards and they did not bother me one bit! The only shifted in front of my sight a few times which was very strange as it normally never happens to me. But it did give everything a nice purple glow xD

I really like these lenses and they have them in more colours, so I think I will have to get those too -.^ I think these lenses are perfect for more girly outfits to add some extra.I hope this review was helpful? Let me know what you guys think!

Much Love!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Inspiration: Summer Party

I just got back from a short holiday to visit my bf at his parents'place in Luxembourg and got back to find there will be so many birthday partys in the coming weeks! (Including my own which I will still have to plan -.^) With so many partys I will need a serious amount of cool outfits, which means some new inspiration! I will focus on summery wearable and partyproof. Take a look ^^ !

This look is just perfect for a night out!


Cute and girly for a picknick bday party


I'd love to go clubbing in something like this *^*

agejo gyaru accessory inspiration

This look is to die for and perfect for a cocktail party ^^


This look from Lizzie is just so cute and summery!

Both these outfits are just so good for nights on the town! The one on the left is my favourite..

This dress <3 Need I say more? -.^

I amsSo in love with this Golds Infinity dress.. Perfect for a party!

A bit more grown up, so really good for some drinks with friends.

I hope you liked these outfits! It always just helps me so much to go look around on blogs I follow and google when I am in need of some new input -.^

Much Love!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hyper International Summer Meet (Picture heavy)

Last weekend was the Hyper International Summer Meet!! I had been looking forward to it for sooo long (over two months, not even kidding O.O) but when it was almost there I was so unprepared! Thursday evening, the evening before the pre-meet, I still had to think about my outfits, hair, make and nails! I was happy my bf was not home.. Our living room was a mess:

(I finally bought a decent curling iron <3 )

After getting everything ready I still could not sleep, as I was way to excited >.<

For the pre-meet I went with Jojo, Zoe and Chris to meet Kitai and Jasmin. They are from Germany and had arrived the day before already, so we figured it would be fun to show them a little bit of Utrecht and have lunch together, before the organised dinner. The only flaw in that plan was that none of us was very familiar with Utrecht xD This was my look for that day:

After having lunch we of course had to take a group selfie in a beautiful garden we found.


With Kitai \(^o^)/

With Chris <3

Doesn't it look cool with this background? It was really nice meeting up with everyone again! And at this point we had already picked Chihiro up from the station as well ^^ We just spend the day talking and hanging around Utrecht, so we did not take many pictures >.< 

After what felt like just minutes we went to meet up with the rest for dinner:

(nomnom ^^)

We went home quite early as everybody was tired of travelling and after all the real meet would only begin the next day!

This was my look for the saturday:

(In the train selfie, I was late)

We met up at the station and from there walked over to the venue. It was a really cute place at one of the waterways in Utrecht with amazingly comfortable pink and black chairs next to the water. I was really sure someone would eventually fall in the water with all the high heels xD

I was really happy so many people had come to the meeting! Some I hadn't seen anymore since the Frankfurt meet or OshareCon! So of course loads of selfies were made (don't worry I will just upload a small selection -.^ for more check my instagram account):

With Jojo ^^ I look a bit creepy here sorry!

With Kuro! She was the best rokku there for sure!

With Zoe <3

We sneaked away with a small group after a while to go to McDonalds, since we forgot to have lunch (and some hadn't even had breakfast yet O.O)

Hahaha sorry Kuro xD

I was so happy! Seeing all these amazing people again ^^ I was still tired from working my ass of at my new job before, but Coming here made it all better! I even won a free pair of CL at the raffle *^* 

In the evening we had a BBQ and after that people performed some para para. I decided to start practicing this as well! It looked so cute. I made a movie of one of the Plutonium gals' performances:


They are really good! And it isn't hard to see how much they enjoy doing this ^^

Wes and Juliet also threw in some performances! Wes was actually kind of forced xD

At first we thought we would stay until 4 partying with everybody, but at some point people just started going home and we figured, we'd better get on one of the last trains home to still be sort of alive the next day -.^

So on sunday we meant to go and have a nice relaxed picknick, except for the fact that it rained really hard all morning.. It is still the Netherlands after all >.< So we went to a roof terrace at the station. Most people were pretty tired, myself included, so we took it easy. Still of course loads of selfies, but I will only put a few here:

Mammas Zoe and Isa making us strawberry waffles <3

With Christine and Lily

Could not stay serious xD

 The German Velvet gyarusa joined this day as well! I did not get to talk to them much unfortunately but it was so nice to see them again \(^o^)/ We decided we should visit Dusseldorf soon to meet them there and we were invited to a party with them. I'm already looking forward to this ^^

It was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had, and definitely one of the most tiring! (especially with my lack of sleep even before the meet) I hope you didn't mind the long post. I tried to keep it short >.< Can't wait to see everyone again <3

Much Love!

(Btw I have decided to only blog once a week from now on, as I found I don't have enough time for the twice a week I used to blog.)