Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I now finally really discovered how to work mbok and shopping services I guess, because I found a lot of really nice things in the last weeks. Also off course, I had to do some ebay accessories shopping.. So I figured it's about time for a haul post -.^ :


While I was in Japan I bought A LOT of upper lashes, but I somehow forgot about lowers.. Stupid me xD So a few days ago I found out I was almost out and I went eBay hunting. These lashes are pretty good quality for their money ( I have had them before ) and come in lots of different styles, here!


I needed some new accesories and this dragon kind of speaks to my dorky side I guess ^^ I found it here on eBay.

Cool-Punk-Rock-allure-Metallic-Dragon-Ear-Cuff-Earrings-Hair-Comb-Wrap-Clip-new Retro-Vintage-Exquisite-Punk-Cross-Ring-Double-Finger-Dual-Adjustable-Rings

A girl can never have too much crosses! The other day a guy from my project group asked me whether my family was maybe super religious or if I just wore them to piss people off xD Anyway, I guess I just really like them. You can buy these here and here.

Ever since I first saw a picture of this really cool rokku gal wearing aviator goggles, I have been looking for nice ones in the stores. However I never found them, even in Japan, so on to eBay! These you can find here.


Snakes <3 ! I guess  I really like this kind of earrings than go around your whole ear ^^ I bought it here.

This bracelet really reminded me of a Fernopaa one, I had been doubting about a lot and in the end did not buy T^T So this one is here.

Now on to the clothes shopping <3:

FERNOPAA クロスチュチュ フェルノパ  < ブランドの   新品タグ付d.i.a.☆スカル襟付きトップス★オラギャル  < ブランドの

I found both of these on mbok and they were both sooo cheap O.O I really love the DIA shirt with collar, it is just so perfect! The skirt is Fernopaa, it is really good as a kind of petty coat ^^


For some reason the bodyline website had a lot of weird bugs around this item, but luckily I found it in the bodyline shop on Rakuten as well! I think this skirt will just be so cool as both a petticoat and a normal skirt. This skirt you can find here.

After I made my wishlist post a few weeks ago, one of my dear readers found this skirt for me on Mecari. I just cannot thank her enough, because now this will soon be in my possession <3

This dress was on my wishlist as well and after the post someone facebook messaged me about being willing to sell it to me.. I was just so happy \(^o^)/ 

Soon all the packages will start arriving, I just love that feeling of coming home to find a whole stack of beautiful things waiting for me, don't you? However now I have to save some money, because soon I'll be moving into a new beautifull apartment together with my bf <3 I am so super excited about this!! I have no clue how to fit a big enough closet in our new bedroom to hold both our wardrobes though xD 

Much Love!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

CL review: GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue

It is time for another Circle Lens review! I have actually had these lenses for a while now, but they are my favorites.. So I figured I had to share them with you guys ^^ The lenses I am talking about are the GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue <3 I ordered them again at Pinky Paradise. I love this shop, they have so many different lenses and make and stuff! 

Here is some information about the lenses:

Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

On the site the lenses are always displayed on dark eyes. so this is what they look like when you have brown eyes:

GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)  GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue

I have wanted to have blue lenses for a while now. I hoped these would look kind of 'natural'so I could use them for everyday looks and I am really happy with them because of that. Even friends who do not really like gyaru that much, really like these lenses. Especially the colour is super pretty on my eyes ^^ Here is a picture of them in natural light:

(my casual make xD)

And a picture in artificial light:

I love the big dark ring! I think this makes my eyes look much bigger! On to the reviewing:

Color: 5/5

I love this color! It's very pretty with my natural colour. The blue is actually even more vibrant than you can see in the pictures <3

Design: 4/5
i really like the dark ring of the lenses and the way it mixes with my own eye colour.

Enlargement: 5/5
These lenses will give you huge dolly eyes!

Comfort: 5/5
I have worn these lenses for over 12 hours and haven't felt any discomfort or even dry eyes. Maybe I am a little less sensitive to these problems though, as I wear lenses everyday. Still they were really comfortable! (I even forgot to take them out, when I took my make off xD)


+ Vibrant colour
+ Great enlargement
+ Very Comfortable
+ Also available in grey, green, brown and violet!
+ Available with prescription up to -6
+ Great for a 'natural' look
+ Very good for light eyes because of the big outer ring


-Not very dramatic

You can buy the lenses here for $21,90. I would really recommend these lenses, as I said they're my favorites -.^

Much Love!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Time to be inspired!

I have super exciting news!! Last week I was asked to be in the Gyaru Fashion Show at OshareCon \(^o^)/ OshareCon is a conference in the Netherlands for Japanese fashion lovers, you can find the website here. In three weeks the first edition will take place and I was already really excited for it.. Now I'm super excited and nervous xD 

Anyway I have to think of a cool outfit now. Kuro and I are both going to do rokku, she will do more old school and I the modern day version ( which suits us both perfectly <3 ). So it's time for another inspiration post ^^



Rokku/Goshikku Gyaru   

Rokku gyaru   




I hope you got as much inspiration from this as I did!

Much Love!

Monday, February 16, 2015

My wishlist

I am so ashamed to admit this but even though I have only gotten back from Tokyo a little over a month ago, I have been already looking all over the internet for new stuff so much xD Since I am a student, I can never just buy every thing I want so I always have quite a wish list ! I thought I'd just share it with you guys -.^

"ROCK SKULL" Torebka na biglu czaszka, aksamit skóra, nity, cameo bag

Isn't this bag just gorgeous?! I saw it on the blog Wonderland Gone Mad. You can buy it here.

These rings look just sooo cool! Plus I decided I really need more rings, so I guess as soon as I have money again I'll def buy this here.


Yeah what can I say, same story as the other ring xD I love how it has a kind of goth feel to it. Buy it here.

This bracelet is just perfect; I mean leather, skeletons and chains <3 Buy it also on ebay, here.

So beautiful! I need this so much! I saw Gina wearing it at the International Gyaru Lovers meet. This was when I was finally really convinced of the power of Ebay xD


This shirt is just so perfect! Buy it here.


The new spring clothes of Ghost of Harlem are so beautiful they make my eyes hurt O.O Buy this shirt here.


Also Ghost of Harlem. I actually perfer them in silver, but in black they are also so cool! Buy it here.

FERNOPPA rose cross chain choker Ferunopa Alt <brand of

Fernopaa items are super hard to find (or at least for me -.^), when I saw this necklace here, I just fell in love!

with dia new tag ☆ arm warmers ★ skull <brand of

The detachable sleeves on this top are really great for summer and winter. Buy it on mbok -.^

TRASHVILLE-518 Platform Knee Boots

These shoes have been on my wishlist for ages! They are just so perfect for rokku, but a bit too expensive for me T^T You can buy them here.

Some thing I have been keeping my eyes open for, but haven't been able to find so far T^T So if you have a tip tell me!

I just love this skirt! Who would have thought it was D.I.A. right?

This dress is just to die for! If I ever find it I really hope it will not be too short ^^

These socks <3 I actually sometimes really love MA*RS eventhough most of the time it's not really my style.

This Glavil dress is just a dream <3

My wishlist always keeps growing and growing ! I hope I am not the only one -.^

Much Love!